Our Review: The Italian Thing by Patricia Salamone @Pattisalamone #memoir

Thank you, Anita and Jaye. ☺☺☺

anita dawes and jaye marie

51w58jGWq2L._UY250_.jpgJoin me in my hilarious recount of how I explored my heritage during a more-than-memorable trip to Sicily. I detail our adventures and misadventures as my husband and I visited our relatives in Naro. I share how we got to know the locals, their customs and lifestyle, and how everyone seemed to think that “everything will be fine” no matter what troubles they were in. During those weeks, we went through culture shock despite the fact that we are both Italian. In the end, it was “the Italian thing” in all of us that made ours an unforgettable trip!

Amazon Book Link: https://www.amazon.com/Italian-Thing-Patricia-Salamone-ebook/.dp/B00EL0AGIG


Patricia Salamone was born in New York. Raised in the borough of Queens. She had five siblings including one brother that passed away in August of 2003.
The Italian Thing is her first published book although she has been writing since the age of 8 years…

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