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Excerpts from For a Day, Our Political Troubles Were Eclipsed by Peggy Noonan:

“It was beautiful: Up and down Madison Avenue, people stood together and looked upward.

…It was so beautiful.

Up and down the street, all through the eclipse, people spontaneously came together—shop workers and neighborhood mothers, kids and bank employees, shoppers and tourists. They’d gather in groups and look up together. Usually one or two people would have the special glasses, and they’d be passed around. Everyone would put them on and look up and say “Wow!” or “Incredible!” then laugh and hand the glasses on…

There was a tattooed man in a heavy metal band T-shirt, with his teenage son. “You want?” the man said. He was lending his glasses to everyone who came by. “Are you doing this just to be nice?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “We got them free.” Something nice had happened to…

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I have a sister, a baby sister. She is not a baby now, but, she will always be my baby sister.

She is beautiful, loving, a great mom, grandma, friend, and, sister. She is kind to a fault. Debbie will help anyone, and if she can’t she will find a way. But, yes there is a but. She listens to people who slam her self-esteem, her kindness and her love. There is no unconditional love in these people. They are mean and take advantage of her kindness.

I am writing this to let you know how much I love you, Debbie. I know you will never stop speaking with people that do this to you, but I also want you to know, no matter what your choices are, I will always love you, and, I will be here, even if it’s only to listen. Please don’t let others suck the life out of you. Know that your son is a good man and he loves you too. I want my followers and anyone who reads this to know how wonderful you are, but most of all I want you to know it, in your heart and soul. I am and until my dying day I will always be your sister and I love you unconditionally.

xoxoxo Pattifirst love

#bookreview – The Italian Thing by Patricia Salamone

Thank you, Robbie. I am so glad that you and your family enjoyed reading “The Italian Thing” I am humbled by your kindness and honored that Michael is using it as his book term review.

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What Amazon says

Join me in my hilarious recount of how I explored my heritage during a more-than-memorable trip to Sicily. I detail our adventures and misadventures as my husband and I visited our relatives in Naro. I share how we got to know the locals, their customs and lifestyle, and how everyone seemed to think that “everything will be fine” no matter what troubles they were in. During those weeks, we went through culture shock despite the fact that we are both Italian. In the end, it was “the Italian thing” in all of us that made ours an unforgettable trip!

My review

“Everything will be fine”, they all said, and of course it was. A light hearted and most amusing account of an Italian America couple’s holiday to Naro, Italy. Patricia and Mike travel from Florida in the USA to experience life with Mike’s relatives. They are Italian…

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