I have a sister, a baby sister. She is not a baby now, but, she will always be my baby sister.

She is beautiful, loving, a great mom, grandma, friend, and, sister. She is kind to a fault. Debbie will help anyone, and if she can’t she will find a way. But, yes there is a but. She listens to people who slam her self-esteem, her kindness and her love. There is no unconditional love in these people. They are mean and take advantage of her kindness.

I am writing this to let you know how much I love you, Debbie. I know you will never stop speaking with people that do this to you, but I also want you to know, no matter what your choices are, I will always love you, and, I will be here, even if it’s only to listen. Please don’t let others suck the life out of you. Know that your son is a good man and he loves you too. I want my followers and anyone who reads this to know how wonderful you are, but most of all I want you to know it, in your heart and soul. I am and until my dying day I will always be your sister and I love you unconditionally.

xoxoxo Pattifirst love

17 thoughts on “SISTER, SISTER

  1. Such a lovely inspirational post for your sister Patricia. It’s so unfortunate that so many of us have endured abusive people who rip out the core of our self-esteem. I hope she’s reading lots to help build herself up. Maybe you could share my book with her too. It might help – Words We Carry. ❤

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