Something More

A post that will warm your thoughts. Well done from the Rabbit Patch.



 It is the time when garden spiders spin  and fog hides the morning like a well kept secret.   I am slowly , but surely slipping back into a routine.  Going back to work, means I must adhere to a schedule or else I am quickly , but surely sinking.  Gone are the Tuesday mornings spent feeding wild geese and farewell to meandering by the “laughing river”  in the early afternoon.  Picnics and tea parties, likewise.  I sorely miss lingering over coffee with Jenny in the mornings.  . .but all is not lost.  I have found beauty abounds no matter the circumstances.

I get home at a very reasonable hour.  I drive through the countryside, past fields, now gilded in gold- and quiet pastures.  I come home to  a jolly “welcome wagon”.  Cash, my boxer acts like my return is the best part of his day.  Christopher Robin, my very…

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