A Tuesday in Late Summer




Schools are closed today due to a tropical storm.  I got up early anyway.  It was raining  at daybreak, as it is now.  Lamps will stay on all day at the rabbit patch.  Still, I did not find the early service gloomy, in the least.  I do not mind a housebound day.  Instead, I felt grateful for shelter.  The storm did not seem threatening at the “high and dry” rabbit patch, but I knew the city streets were flooded enough to stop the school buses.  

I put a pot of navy beans on and found an old black and white movie to watch.  Mrs. Miniver, has always been a favorite of mine.  During an intermission, I wrote a poem bidding farewell to the summer.  Kyle, being a landscaper, is home today-Christian too, so this makes for a cozy affair at the old farmhouse. . .and so I…

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