Seven Days, Seven Black & White Photos Challenge: Day Four

I hope I can dig up 7 black and white photos. ☺☺

I have been challenged to participate in the  Seven Days…Seven B&W Photos Challenge.
Thank you to Patricia over at for the nomination. Please do check out Patricia’s blog if you haven’t already. She is a joy to read and I always feel happier after a visit to

This challenge is to post seven black and white photos…no people, no explanation.  Photos of everyday life for seven consecutive days. I am supposed to challenge one new blogger each day but this is difficult.  I worry I’ll hurt someone’s feelings by not nominating them, or they will not want the nomination. Therefore I am going to leave my nominations open. If you want to do this challenge then go for it!  Please let me know if you decide to join in – I’d love to see your photos too.

Here is a black and white photo from my life:


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One thought on “Seven Days, Seven Black & White Photos Challenge: Day Four

  1. This sounds like fun Patricia, and nice house. I’m doing 4 competitions right now, so unfortunately I don’t have time to look through old photos, but I’ll enjoy looking at the ones you’ll be sharing. 🙂 xx

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