Smorgasbord – Posts from Your Archives – Cherry Street and Mr. Miller by Penny Wilson

An excellent story.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Delighted to welcome Penny Wilson with her post today about a special street where happiness and coloured wallpaper were to be found.

Cherry Street and Mr. Miller by Penny Wilson

The best thing about living on Cherry Street was Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller owned 8 or maybe it was only 6 run down little houses. The upper row faced Cherry Street and the bottom row faced Beverly Drive. I can remember us living in 3 different of his houses at one time or another.

Mom waitressed most of the time, raising 4 of us kids. It was hard on her, I’m sure. Mr. Miller’s houses weren’t fancy, but they were there when we needed them. I’m sure my mother and Mr. Miller developed a relationship of sorts after a while, since we had rented from him on numerous occasions.

I don’t remember a lot about how Mr. Miller looked, except…

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