Walking Cross-Town. With an unsorted heap.

Live & Learn

Hampl is not far from this mind. Hampl was there on my train ride to the city on Thursday and there with me as I walked across Manhattan to the office. And Hampl’s here with me today, early Saturday morning, as I sit in darkness, in silence, but for the tapping of keys, with birdsong easing through the open window bringing in the dawn.

Life is not a story, a settled version. It’s an unsorted heap of images we keep going through, the familiar snaps taken up and regarded, then tossed back until, unbidden, they rise again, images that float to the surface of the mind, rise, fall, drift—and return only to drift away again in shadow. Call them vignettes, these things we finger and drop again into their shoebox.

He shifted his legs as I took the empty seat across from him. Early 30’s. Two to three day beard. He…

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4 thoughts on “Walking Cross-Town. With an unsorted heap.

    • Thank you, Tina. It is so well written and how beautiful this moment in time was captured forever.
      I am doing well I think…side effects? Yes, but I have a wonderful team working to heal me. I am doing a piece on The Lynn Cancer Center and will post it soon. Radiation ends next Monday, Chemo ends in May of 2019…it’s going to be a long year.
      Thank you for your concern. xoxo

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      • Think of the year as a circle, Patricia, and see yourself coming full circle, vibrant and happy. Focus on the now, and the future will not daunt you. Much love, my friend ❤️

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