Having been diagnosed with Cancer for the fourth time in my life since 1983 and being almost seventy-five, I am fighting again. I consider myself lucky to still be here and hopefully will win this battle too.

This post is not really about me, it’s my personal view about the LYNN CANCER CENTER located in Boca Raton, Fl. You can read all about Lynn Cancer Institute at the following address;

Lynn Cancer Institute – Boca Raton Regional Hospital

The Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute is one of the largest cancer centers in South Florida and is accredited as a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the American College of Surgeons. The Lynn Cancer Institute treats more than 3,000 cancer patients each year in facilities such as the Harvey & Phyllis Sandler


We all read many articles about this dreaded disease.

I am no stranger to Cancer as I said, of course, having another bout with Cancer, is disheartening, to say the least, but there is always hope. This post is about my fight but it’s more about how I will win this battle with the amazing help I am receiving at the Lynn-Cancer-Institute because it is not just a building that you go to for help, it has a heartbeat, and that heartbeat belongs to all of the people that make the Lynn Cancer Center the best. From the excellent professionals to the Valet Parking attendants, and volunteers.

valet attend.

This is Elio.

piano play-valet

This is Miguel, also a parking attendant but he also plays the piano in the lobby, and he plays beautifully.


A photo of the resident ducks. They are adorable and everyone loves them.


The most knowledgeable doctors, technicians, and nurses. Every single person that works at Lynn is kind, caring, giving, always pleasant, encouraging, and compassionate. They always have a cheerful hello, a smile and will walk you to your test area with their arm around you or bring you to where you have to go in a wheelchair. I have been given pamphlets, and verbal instructions, galore. If I have any questions the doctors are right there to calm my fears and make me feel better, no matter how many times I ask. You are their first concern, your health, your comfort and your feelings. Everyone that works at Lynn does so tirelessly, and always with a smile.

People that greet me

Sheronda and one of the volunteers. They are the first smiles you see.

It is spotlessly clean and comfortable no matter what procedure you are having. My doctors have told me to call any time and if they are with another patient not to worry an assistant takes down your concerns. You will always get that call.

They have the most up to date equipment.

In the Chemo room, there are comfortable recliners that with the push of a button the it will heat the chair, and it also offers a massage. You will be offered comfortable warmed blankets, Television if you like, and volunteers offering you a snack and something to drink.


Your cure is the most important thing to each and every person that works in the chemo treatment room.

The Waiting rooms are comfortable, with a restroom, telephone, TV, soft comfortable robes, magazines, a view of the beautiful garden, and even a puzzle to pass the time.

womans waiting and dressing room

womans waiting room


I happen to have Stage 3 Lung Cancer. My Oncologist is;

Dr. Edgardo S Santos

Dr. Edgardo Santos

You can read all about him by clicking at;

Edgardo S Santos MD | Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Edgardo S Santos, MD. Specialties; Medical Oncology (Board Certified). Language Spoken English, Spanish. 1stPrimary Office. Address Lynn Cancer Institute 701 N.W. 13th Street Boca Raton, FL 33486. Maps & Directions. Phone (561) 955-6400 …

My Radiation Oncologist is:

Dr. Michael Kasper MD

Dr. Michael Kasper is a radiation oncologist in Boca Raton, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Boca Raton Regional Hospital and Delray Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Florida College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Kasper accepts several types of health insurance, listed below. He is one of 6 doctors at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and one of 10 at Delray Medical Center who specialize in Radiation Oncology.

Dr. Michael Kasper, MD – Boca Raton, FL – Radiation …

The Lynn Center is a part of the Boca Regional Hospital, it is just across the street from the center.

I could go on and on about the Lynn Cancer Institute but I will leave you to decide. I just want to thank everyone that works there for their wonderful help. It is the best.

Some photos were taken by me. Others were taken from the internet, including addresses for my doctors and the Lynn Cancer Center.




  1. One BIG thing in your favor is that you have the ability and means to have access to this treatment center as far far too many people do not and their lives will not be extended and relieved as have ours. These people and their loved ones are being cheated. Your attitude is admirable. In my case seems still free of prostate cancer from treatments this time of year 2014. I still have my blue heart shaped pillow from my open heart surgery operation. I have slept with it every night since March 16, 2006. Regards…

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  2. I’m obviously sorry for your pain but overwhelmed by your fighting attitude and spirit. The Centre looks as though it is a thoroughly efficient and caring place, one where you feel happy is important. May your good fortune against this disease continue, Patricia.

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  3. Thank you for this update, Patricia. I do think of you. My Mother is in remission from breast cancer and it is a constant niggling fear that it could return. She turns 80 in October this year. Sending love and light your way. Hugs.

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  4. This was such a wonderful post, Patricia. You are a champion, and clearly you are at a terrific place. Like me, you are the glass-half-full, and that is a gigantic part of healing. Stay strong and stay positive. That is both powerful and healing. You have a boatload of cheerleaders (I’m top of the list) and supporters to give you prayers and best wishes.

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  5. You are a pillar of strength Patricia to have been through so much and to keep your big open heart. I am sending you healing prayers that you will once again come out victorious. My goodness, I thought you were still having troubles with your legs after your surgery last year. I am sad and shocked to learn about this. Healing hugs ❤ xxx

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    • Thank you, Debby. Yes between the knee, and then finding out about cancer it’s been a rough ride but no one ever promised us a rose garden so on we go. I am blessed to have a fantastic cancer center here and although there are side effects I just have to work through them. They are not as bad as years past and there are so many new treatments now. Thank you for stopping by. ♥♥♥

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      • You are a champion my friend. I’m so happy to learn here what a wonder care facility you have there. You are right, there have been so many new advancements through the years. I know it must be a challenging journey but you have all the right attitude and compassion and you shall rise above! ❤ xxx

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      • Keep soaring, my friend. Eagles have a birds-eye view and are very wise. In Gregg Braden’s book, The Isaiah Effect, there’s a segment on how a woman with a cancerous bladder tumor was healed within minutes of four people standing at the corners of her bed and praying. A sonogram tech watched the tumor shrink before her eyes. Prayer is energy focused within a specific intention and is extremely powerful. I do believe we can heal ourselves with our minds. Hugs, sister ❤

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  6. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    Many of you will have read the wonderful short stories that Patricia Salamone.. author of The Italian Thing, has posted on her blog. Patricia has had a tough year with a knee replacement that resulted in a severe infection and additional months of treatment, and then the devastating news that she had stage 3 lung cancer. This is the fourth cancer battle for Patricia since 1983. This post today is not about her ongoing fight, which I am sure this extraordinary lady will win, but about those who are supporting her in that fight as she pays tribute to the doctors, nurses and volunteers at the Lynn Cancer Centre in Boca Raton Florida. I know that you will join me in wishing Patricia a speedy recovery… Please head over and read her post.. you will find it uplifting and inspiring.

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  7. This is awful news to read, but I am so glad you have access to the support of this wonderful facility. It makes such a difference to know there are always answers forthcoming and people around you who care.

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    • Thank you, Cynthia. There are side effects but each person is different and will respond differently. I was fortunate to have been told about what might and might not happen. I am grateful to have been given the information, it helps to keep the stress and worry to a minimum.
      Thank for your lovely comment. It is wonderful to know that so many of my readers are wishing me well. Hugs.

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  8. You are always in my thoughts, Pat, even when desperately busy, and it is heartening indeed to read of the wonderful care you are receiving at the Lynn Cancer Centre.

    With such a brilliant medical team behind you, coupled with your indomitable spirit, I truly believe you will win your battle.

    With love from over the ocean,


    Maureen sends love too.

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