FATHER’S DAYThe photo is of my brother August (Augie) and my dad William (Willie) they are together in the photo and are together again, my brother passed in 2003 at the age of 57, he was also a wonderful dad.

There are many ways we remember our fathers. My dad was a quiet man who along with my mom raised six children, five girls, and one boy. My oldest sister born in 1939 my youngest sister in 1958. Life was not easy for my parents, yet they managed to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and made sure we all attended school. My dad was a truck driver, my mom a homemaker. I used to think she didn’t work, boy was I wrong. What we did have an abundance of in our home were love and guidance. My parents were not educated beyond the eighth or ninth grade but had many talents. Daddy could fix or build anything from painting to building a house and my mom who was of Italian decent (Neopolitan) was a great cook and baker.

Today, however, we are celebrating Father’s Day and although my dad passed at a relatively young age (67) he left a legacy of love, respect, honesty, joy, loyalty, unity, and fun. I have dedicated the following for him on this special day and know that he is smiling down upon us all. Happy Father’s Day daddy, you may not be here but will never be forgotten. We will always remember.

DAD                                                                                                                                                            By: Patricia Kruck-Salamone  PATTI (2)

A quiet man but very wise, hair like silver and gray-blue eyes.

His stature small but very strong, he taught us all right from wrong.

He labored hard throughout the years, this quiet man shed so few tears.

Through all the hard times he stood tall, working and teaching and loving us all.

He taught us to hold our heads up high and do our very best, to think for ourselves not follow the rest.

He never complained that his life was tough, he never complained about not having enough.

He made me feel safe and happy and free, he made me feel I’d be all I could be.

If I could just see him one more time, I’d say “Dad you did great we all turned out fine.”

With much love from your third daughter Patti. xoxo


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers a very Happy Easter.

Happy Passover to those of you that are of the Jewish faith.

Happy Spring to all who celebrate in other ways.

In our family we celebrate Easter. It is a time for joy for us. We are Italian and follow the customs of our ancestors. It is a huge holiday.

eastertreats5 This is an Easter bread made by many mothers all over the world. The egg is believed to be a rebirth of life. It is also delicious.

I will be neglecting my blog and emails so I will apologize now because I will be busy baking and cooking and be contemplating what Easter means to me. We also have baskets for the children and flowers for the moms and dads.


I look forward to celebrating with my family and those that will call from Italy and across the U.S.  I also will be thinking about all of you and wishing you all a brilliant day.

I will try to pop in tomorrow in between my baking and cooking but if I don’t I will be back on Monday to enjoy reading you posts and sharing your stories.

Thank you all for being so beautiful and kind to me, I am humbled by your generosity.



I know many, many people that love to watch horror. I can’t, I have nightmares if I do. However, I can read a scary book without having nightmares but it sort of hangs with me for a while. Many years before I married I read a book called ‘Harvest Home’ by Thomas Tryon. Talk about scary. I’m posting this first for a reason.

When I got married years later and we were on our honeymoon it was January with over twenty inches of snow on the ground. We stayed in a Pocono, Pa. Resort. When we arrived we were taken to our cabin. It was very romantic with a large heart shaped bed and a huge bath tub for two. A beautiful fireplace, a big comfy sofa, and two overstuffed club chairs. There was only one problem there was no door in the toilet area. It was all part of the same room. Just a half moon shaped wall so it was not visible from the main area. This was not good. I needed total privacy when using the commode. My new husband was so patient with me and for the first few days put on his heavy jacket, boots, gloves and hat if I had to use the toilet he went out on the deck in that freezing weather and waited for me to let him back in the room, because I locked the sliding glass doors so he couldn’t sneak back in while I was busy doing my business.

We were also assigned a table and would be eating all of our meals at along with eight other newly wed couples. Initially, I thought it was great. We met all of them the next morning at breakfast. There was one couple older than the rest of us, I think the maybe early forties. At the time that was old to me, Ha! We all introduced ourselves and several of the couples had been there for a few days before we arrived. They each told us what activities were available and which ones were fun and others that were boring. There was also a heated indoor pool. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. We tried snowmobiling I did well and enjoyed it. My hubby enjoyed it too but he lost control and drove right off the side of the mountain! It was about a twenty-foot drop but by some miracle, he landed right side up and wasn’t hurt. I shot a rifle for the first time in my life and hit the bull’s eye every time. My groom was as shocked as I and the instructor didn’t believe that I had never used a firearm before.

The food was excellent as were the drinks. Both were included in the price. We did have to buy logs for the fireplace (the logs were the ones that were wrapped and easy to start) and snacks which we loaded up on, Mike bought about twenty or so logs, at that time they were only $1.00 each. We had that fireplace going day and night but it was a lovely place for a honeymoon.

We all had stories to tell about our daily adventures. The older couple were very nice but the wife told us the same story every single day at every meal. She had tried snowmobIling and had fallen off and hurt her leg. The motel sent her to the local hospital for X-rays and it turned out to be just sprained muscles but she went on and on how she considered it negligence on their part and should be compensated. This was told to all of us at every single meal. I am not as patient as my husband and was getting ready to tell her to shut the hell up. I am sure the other couples felt the same way I did by the look on their faces when she started her story……again. One evening as we dressed for dinner I told my husband that if she told that story one more time I was going to tell her exactly what I thought. “Please Pat don’t, you will embarrass me, please”?

“No, this is it. I have had enough of her and her story”.
“Please, please do it for me”. He looked at me with those big brown eyes.
“I’ll try but I can’t promise you anything”.
“Maybe she won’t tell it tonight. We can keep asking her different questions and we’ll leave right after we finish dinner, OK”?
“Alright, I’ll try”. Off we went to the main cabin. We found our group and sat down at the table. We started talking about the food and any other subject we could think of to keep the conversation away from the old lady. It didn’t work, right in the middle of a conversation about what a quaint village we had all visited during the day, she started her injury story. I started kicking Mike under the table and pinching his arm. It started with him smiling at me and then it happened, he started laughing just a little laugh at first and of course that set me to laughing and before we knew it we were both hysterical laughing, after a couple of minutes everyone was laughing out loud, asking us between breaths what we were laughing at. My poor husband didn’t know what to say so he looked at me. I was still hysterical so in between breaths he pointed at me and said, “My wife, she’s nuts”.“What”? Everyone asked as they laughed. He hesitated, uh, it’s a personal joke I can’t tell you, it’s too embarrassing and that set me off even more. After about ten minutes or so we all calmed down and finished out the meal with everyone begging us to please tell them what was so funny but we held fast to his original answer. It did stop us from having to listen to the old lady’s story that night. We still laugh about that to this day.

The following night a world premier movie was being televised. Keep in mind this was in the 70’s. My groom and I decided to have dinner in our lovely cabin by the fire that evening and watch the movie. I was a little hesitant but he reassured me that it would be fine and he would hold me throughout the movie. The lights were all out, the fire was blazing, our dinner had arrived. We set it out on the coffee table along with a bottle of wine and some snacks. We were ready to watch the scary movie. When the show started it looked familiar to me, I said; “I saw this already”.

“Pat, you couldn’t have, this is the first time it has ever been on TV and it’s never been in a movie theater”. I started telling him what was going to happen next. How the couple moves to Salem happy to be living in a lovely rural area. They soon discover the stories about witches and human sacrifices that took place in their community. Then I started to tell him about the man in the town that never spoke. His tongue was cut out and a bunch of other gory things that were going to happen. My new husband got this horrified look on his face. He was not holding me any more.

“There’s no way you could have seen this before, it’s a world premier it has never been televised before. How come you know what’s going to happen”?

“I told you I’ve seen this before”.

He started to freak out. “No way, impossible! What the hell is going on here Pat”?

He looked terrified, I was laughing my butt off.

After about the third commercial I finally remembered about the book.

“Oh, I know why I know what’s going to happen next”.

“How? How do you know”.

” I read the book years ago”.

” Oh, thank God, you had me going there. I thought I was a goner. I was almost ready to sneak out while you were sleeping. I thought you were one of them”.

We laughed ourselves silly over that for quite some time. We had a wonderful honeymoon and now we have great memories.


I lay in the hospital bed at Columbia Presbyterian in New York. It is ten thirty pm., and the nurses continue to give me enemas to clean out my colon. I can barely walk at this point and tell the nurse this is the last one. I feel like my legs won’t last another trip to the bathroom. The enemas stop and I am left with my thoughts about tomorrow morning. Will it be the last morning for me, will I never see my children again or my family for that matter. I left instructions with my husband and my sisters, they were trying to encourage me but with tears in their eyes. My children were four, nine and eleven. They needed me. I was only thirty nine and Cancer was my enemy. I prayed again that night to my God, please let me make it through this nightmare and stay here on this earth just until my children were old enough to take care of themselves, after that he could take me anytime he wanted, but not now, please not now. I drifted off to sleep and awoke or dreamed I awoke, and there sitting on my bed was my mom. She looked young and beautiful. I thought this couldn’t be true my mom had passed away nine years before, but there she was. I heard her voice telling me, “you will be fine I am here to take care of you, I will always take care of you”. I felt her hand caress my cheek I started to cry and remember asking her why? Why me? What about my kids, what will they do without me. She smiled at me and told me to go to sleep. I woke up to the voices of my husband, my sister and my brother. It was six am. I was due for surgery at seven. The nurse came in and shot something to calm me into the IV. I remember we professed our love for one another and my brother bent over and kissed my forehead and a tear from his eyes fell upon my cheek.

I was moved a few minutes later to surgery. It was so cold. Doctors and nurses all around me, a bright white light shining in my eyes, a voice telling me to count back from one hundred and then nothing. I remember thinking well if I die at least I won’t feel it. I didn’t die I woke up in the early evening and there they were my husband, sister and brother who was caressing my cheek and calling my name. I opened my eyes but couldn’t focus on their faces, I could just hear their voices. I fell back into a deep sleep. I dream t about the time I had pneumonia and my mom sat by my bed all night putting cool compresses on my forehead. I woke up and the sun was shining in my room. I raised my arm and felt a tube coming out of my nose and the sound of machines and then pain but that meant I made it. I didn’t die I would see my children again. No matter what happens after this doesn’t matter my mom kept her promise, she took care of me I was going to be fine.

I did get cancer again twice more in my life but I knew each time I would be fine because my mom would be there to take care of me. I am now going on 74, all of my children graduated university, have good jobs and married wonderful partners. They all have gifted me with beautiful grand children who bring so much joy to us. And, my mom watches.


I’d appreciate some honest comments on the following. If this was a book would you buy it after reading the following. Thanking you all in advance. Patricia

Emoline Bronson looked out the window of the train. It was raining and she was trying to concentrate on the droplets that landed and were slowly making their way down the glass. However only one thought kept running through her mind. To kill or not to kill. All of her logic told her kill. Her heart however told her not to kill. The torment brought tears to her eyes. Could she take the life that was growing inside of her and just discard it without remorse.




When I am gone, will my shadow stay.

Will you see me walking beside your shadow under the moon.


Will the scent from flowers I liked remind you of me.


Will a gentle breeze across your face feel like a kiss from me.

When you hold an item I gave you will it feel like a hug from me.

When holidays come will I be remembered.

When you dream will I be there, and if I am,

is it really a dream, or could I be visiting you.

Speak to me with love in your voice, hug me whenever you can.

Hold me in your heart, forget about your pride

because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone and regret lasts a lifetime.


My hubby better known to our grandchildren as Grampi picks up our almost 10 year old granddaughter every day after school and brings her to our house. One of her parents picks her up about 5:00pm after work. We have been doing this since she was in Day Care.

Yesterday I had to leave here about 4:30 I had two appointments. I kissed her goodbye and told her I would see her tomorrow. Grampi would be with her until she was picked up. I didn’t get home until after 8:00pm, I was exausted and not in a great mood. I knew I would have many emails to answer and I really didn’t feel like doing it but I made a cup of tea and went into my room and sat down at my desk and taped to my desk was the following note.


Now you know why they are called Grand children. This one little note brought so much joy to my heart and put a smile on my face. Life is great!!!!