“Lena, listen when Gloria comes back to take our order, just follow my lead. And, for goodness sake don’t get that wide-eyed look on your face. I have an idea and it just might work”.

“What idea”?

“She’s coming over, just follow my lead. I will tell you later, okay”? Gloria was at their table.

“Ready to order ladies”?

“Yes, I’ll have a Cobb Salad and a small bowl of that delicious Corn Chowder, thank you”. Clara replied.

“It is delicious chowder, I have it every time the chef makes it”, Gloria said. She then looked at Lena.

“I, um, I’ll have the same, thank you”.

“Gloria, before you put our order in I, heard that you were living at the Rock Hill B&B. How do you like it there”?

“It’s alright I guess, the room is pretty nice but it’s a little pricey and I have to take the bus to get here. If I work late I always have to bum a ride from someone to get home. I am looking around for a more affordable place, why do you ask”?

“Well, we have a spare room at our place that we never rent out because it was our mother’s room but you are such a pleasant girl and a great waitress and our house is so close you could walk here and we are right across from the beach”. Lena’s eyes shot open but Clara kicked her under the table and she put a big smile on her face.

“Yes! That’s a wonderful idea”. Lena said.

“I don’t think I could afford your price. I make pretty good money but I don’t think it’s enough to live in your beautiful house”.

“Oh, don’t be silly. We could never charge you for our dear mother’s room. You are such a lovely young lady. We will even throw in whatever meals you would be home for”.

“You mean I could live there at no charge? Are you just kidding me”?

“No, we’re not kidding. One thing though, do you have a boyfriend? It would be only for you not for two people”.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend and if you’re serious I’d love to move in. This is so kind of you, I can’t believe it. I’ll even help whenever I can when your summer rentals arrive”. She was smiling from ear to ear and Clara could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Thankyou, thankyou so much. I can’t believe this. It’s like a miracle. Let me put your order in ladies and lunch is on me”!

“There is one other thing Gloria”.


“We insist that you call us Clara and Lena”.

“Of course, if that’s what you would like”.

“Yes, we’d like that fine, wouldn’t we Lena”. Lena just smiled and shook her head yes. Gloria rushed off to put their lunch order in with a big smile on her face.

“Are you nuts”? Lena asked.

“Oh, please sis we will have her right where we want her. It is the perfect plan. Don’t you think”?

“No, I don’t think, what I think is you’ve lost your mind”.

“Lena, don’t be an old fuddy-duddy, this will be interesting and it will be nice to have a young person around. Next, we have to find out what the autopsy concludes. Then speak to Marcus Kent, maybe even invite him over for dinner. After we get the autopsy report of course”. Lena just shook her head and smiled. “You are unbelievable Clara Hayes. You’re nuts, you know that”.

“Shush, here comes our lunch, our free lunch I might add”.


The Hayes sisters had a reputation for being busy bodies, however, they did help the police solve several cases.

Clara was the older of the two and had been quite a looker in her younger days. Lena was the timid one but was also attractive.

Lena did have a lover for several years but he left one night and she never saw him again, although she still talked about his return, which Clara thought was ridiculous but Lena held fast to her hope that Roger Sims would someday come looking for her. Clara had been engaged three times in her life and broke each one. Together they made quite a pair.

Clara was 73 and Lena was 71. They both aged well and kept themselves in good shape for their ages. They both made regular trips to the Beauty Bar (the local beauty parlor) to get their hair done and have manicures and pedicures.

They knew just about everyone in Cape May and what was going on with who.

At one o’clock they arrived at the Tea Room. The lunch crowd had started to dwindle so there was no wait. The atmosphere in the Tea Room was designed like an old Victorian dining room. Ornate pictures adorned the walls. Each table was covered with a white tablecloth and there was a lit candle on each one. The dinnerware and flatware were of the Victorian period as well. The food was excellent and they did offer a four o’clock tea. The sisters were happy to see Gloria was working that day and she was their server. “Good afternoon ladies”. She placed a menu down on the table in front of each sister.

“Can I get you something to drink while you decide what you want”?

“Good afternoon Gloria, yes I will have a cup of Irish Breakfast tea please”, replied Clara.

“I’ll have the same”, said Lena.

“Cream right”, said Gloria.

“Yes, thank you”, the ladies replied.

“Gloria, have you heard about Clem Bristol”?

“Yes, it was all over the news, everyone has heard. Didn’t you ladies know”?

“We have been away for just over a week. We just got back last night and I read it in the newspaper this morning”. Clara said. “He came in here quite often Gloria, didn’t he”.

“Yes, quite often. I’ll be right back with your tea”. She turned and walked away.

“She was a bit snippy, don’t you think Lena”?

“I thought she looked sad Clara”.

“We have got to get her alone so we can question her”.

“Oh, Clara, what could she possibly know about Clem’s death”.

“Still water runs deep Lena, very deep”.


Clara continued to read. A short while later she heard Lena coming down the stairway that led to the kitchen. “It’s about time you woke up Lena”.

“It’s only eight o’clock Clara. I don’t get up with the birds like you”.

“The early bird catches the worm”. Replied Clara.

“I don’t like worms”. Lena said with a smile as she entered the kitchen.

“Clem Bristol is dead Lena”.

“What”! Lena said with a shocked look on her face.

“You heard me. Clem Bristol is dead. Seems he died while we were in Atlantic City. The newspaper said they are doing an autopsy but that he most likely died from natural causes”.

“I don’t believe that”, Lena replied. He was the picture of health”. Clara handed her the newspaper.

“Here, read it for yourself”. Lena took the paper from Clara and sat down at the table. Clara made her a cup of tea and some toast.

“It says here they are trying to get in touch with his son Jeffery. Oh, that poor boy and him an only child. Does he still live in California Clara”?

“I suppose so, but I saw him in town a day or so before we left, he was at the Tea Room having lunch with Clem. Sounded like they were having a disagreement about something but I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I only know he was staying at the Golden Lion Motel and not at his father’s house”.

“Really”? Lena looked up at her sister in surprise.

“That’s what I heard. The new waitress, I think her name is Gloria told me. Come to think of it, she was being quite flirty with Jeffery that day. Personally, I don’t think Clem died of natural causes”.

“Oh, Clara, you’re not going to start playing detective again are you”?  Acting like she didn’t even hear her sister she replied with a smile; “I think we should have lunch at the Tea Room today”. Lena just shook her head and said;

“Here we go again”.


Clara Hayes sat at her kitchen table sipping a cup of tea and reading the morning paper. She was enjoying the quiet and the sound of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the jetty’s that ran along the beach. It was the end of April and the crowds would soon be swarming to the small town of Cape May. The peaceful town would soon be filled with people for the summer. Her sister Lena wasn’t an early riser nor a morning person so Clara had the kitchen to herself. The sisters lived in a big Victorian house left to them by their parents. Both ladies were in their seventies and had lived in the big old comfortable house all of their lives, neither was ever married, however, they were not virgins either. They just returned from a trip to Atlantic City late last evening. Both sisters liked to play the slot machines and took several trips a year to visit the casinos. It was the one luxury they allowed themselves.

On the front page, the headline MAN FOUND DEAD IN HIS HOME. Clara was shocked to read that it was Clem Bristol. She and Lena had spoken to him before they left and he seemed the picture of health. Of course, he was also in his seventies but was a bright and active man. He lived a few houses down from her and Lena. Most of the homes on Beech St. were big Victorian homes built many years before. Clem kept his home in beautiful condition as he like Clara and her sister made their additional income renting rooms to the summer stock, as they were classified. When the crowds left after the season he was known to entertain quite a few lady friends but never married after his wife Isabella passed away from Cancer. They had one child, a two-year-old son, Jeffery. Clem raised Jeffery with help from his mother Rose until she passed when Jeffery was twelve. Clara thought him quite sexy but not that good in bed.

The newspaper said an autopsy was being done but there were no results yet. The paper stated that his Handy Man found him lying on his Parlor floor when he arrived to do some work and called the police. The article said that it was probably a natural death but Clara didn’t believe that for one minute. She would discuss it with her sister when Lena woke up. Something was fishy on Beech St. and she intended to find out what.


I know many, many people that love to watch horror. I can’t, I have nightmares if I do. However, I can read a scary book without having nightmares but it sort of hangs with me for a while. Many years before I married I read a book called ‘Harvest Home’ by Thomas Tryon. Talk about scary. I’m posting this first for a reason.

When I got married years later and we were on our honeymoon it was January with over twenty inches of snow on the ground. We stayed in a Pocono, Pa. Resort. When we arrived we were taken to our cabin. It was very romantic with a large heart shaped bed and a huge bath tub for two. A beautiful fireplace, a big comfy sofa, and two overstuffed club chairs. There was only one problem there was no door in the toilet area. It was all part of the same room. Just a half moon shaped wall so it was not visible from the main area. This was not good. I needed total privacy when using the commode. My new husband was so patient with me and for the first few days put on his heavy jacket, boots, gloves and hat if I had to use the toilet he went out on the deck in that freezing weather and waited for me to let him back in the room, because I locked the sliding glass doors so he couldn’t sneak back in while I was busy doing my business.

We were also assigned a table and would be eating all of our meals at along with eight other newly wed couples. Initially, I thought it was great. We met all of them the next morning at breakfast. There was one couple older than the rest of us, I think the maybe early forties. At the time that was old to me, Ha! We all introduced ourselves and several of the couples had been there for a few days before we arrived. They each told us what activities were available and which ones were fun and others that were boring. There was also a heated indoor pool. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. We tried snowmobiling I did well and enjoyed it. My hubby enjoyed it too but he lost control and drove right off the side of the mountain! It was about a twenty-foot drop but by some miracle, he landed right side up and wasn’t hurt. I shot a rifle for the first time in my life and hit the bull’s eye every time. My groom was as shocked as I and the instructor didn’t believe that I had never used a firearm before.

The food was excellent as were the drinks. Both were included in the price. We did have to buy logs for the fireplace (the logs were the ones that were wrapped and easy to start) and snacks which we loaded up on, Mike bought about twenty or so logs, at that time they were only $1.00 each. We had that fireplace going day and night but it was a lovely place for a honeymoon.

We all had stories to tell about our daily adventures. The older couple were very nice but the wife told us the same story every single day at every meal. She had tried snowmobIling and had fallen off and hurt her leg. The motel sent her to the local hospital for X-rays and it turned out to be just sprained muscles but she went on and on how she considered it negligence on their part and should be compensated. This was told to all of us at every single meal. I am not as patient as my husband and was getting ready to tell her to shut the hell up. I am sure the other couples felt the same way I did by the look on their faces when she started her story……again. One evening as we dressed for dinner I told my husband that if she told that story one more time I was going to tell her exactly what I thought. “Please Pat don’t, you will embarrass me, please”?

“No, this is it. I have had enough of her and her story”.
“Please, please do it for me”. He looked at me with those big brown eyes.
“I’ll try but I can’t promise you anything”.
“Maybe she won’t tell it tonight. We can keep asking her different questions and we’ll leave right after we finish dinner, OK”?
“Alright, I’ll try”. Off we went to the main cabin. We found our group and sat down at the table. We started talking about the food and any other subject we could think of to keep the conversation away from the old lady. It didn’t work, right in the middle of a conversation about what a quaint village we had all visited during the day, she started her injury story. I started kicking Mike under the table and pinching his arm. It started with him smiling at me and then it happened, he started laughing just a little laugh at first and of course that set me to laughing and before we knew it we were both hysterical laughing, after a couple of minutes everyone was laughing out loud, asking us between breaths what we were laughing at. My poor husband didn’t know what to say so he looked at me. I was still hysterical so in between breaths he pointed at me and said, “My wife, she’s nuts”.“What”? Everyone asked as they laughed. He hesitated, uh, it’s a personal joke I can’t tell you, it’s too embarrassing and that set me off even more. After about ten minutes or so we all calmed down and finished out the meal with everyone begging us to please tell them what was so funny but we held fast to his original answer. It did stop us from having to listen to the old lady’s story that night. We still laugh about that to this day.

The following night a world premier movie was being televised. Keep in mind this was in the 70’s. My groom and I decided to have dinner in our lovely cabin by the fire that evening and watch the movie. I was a little hesitant but he reassured me that it would be fine and he would hold me throughout the movie. The lights were all out, the fire was blazing, our dinner had arrived. We set it out on the coffee table along with a bottle of wine and some snacks. We were ready to watch the scary movie. When the show started it looked familiar to me, I said; “I saw this already”.

“Pat, you couldn’t have, this is the first time it has ever been on TV and it’s never been in a movie theater”. I started telling him what was going to happen next. How the couple moves to Salem happy to be living in a lovely rural area. They soon discover the stories about witches and human sacrifices that took place in their community. Then I started to tell him about the man in the town that never spoke. His tongue was cut out and a bunch of other gory things that were going to happen. My new husband got this horrified look on his face. He was not holding me any more.

“There’s no way you could have seen this before, it’s a world premier it has never been televised before. How come you know what’s going to happen”?

“I told you I’ve seen this before”.

He started to freak out. “No way, impossible! What the hell is going on here Pat”?

He looked terrified, I was laughing my butt off.

After about the third commercial I finally remembered about the book.

“Oh, I know why I know what’s going to happen next”.

“How? How do you know”.

” I read the book years ago”.

” Oh, thank God, you had me going there. I thought I was a goner. I was almost ready to sneak out while you were sleeping. I thought you were one of them”.

We laughed ourselves silly over that for quite some time. We had a wonderful honeymoon and now we have great memories.


Lucy came home from school crying. Her mother asked her what happened. She told

her mother that the kids told her that she was living in an old funeral home, and there

were ghosts living there with her. Lucy’s mother told her that was partially true. The

house used to be a funeral home but the ghost stories were not true. It was also the

home of the funeral director and his family they lived there happily for many years.

That evening after her mother and father left to meet some friends for dinner.

Lucy told Jonah the story she heard at school. He told her there is no such thing as ghosts, and to

prove it they would check every room in the house. It started to thunder and rain. Lucy did not

want to but Jonah was her older brother and insisted she go with him, unless of course she was a

scaredy cat and started laughing. Lucy finally agreed, she would never give her brother the

satisfaction of knowing she was frightened.

They decided to start in the attic. Lucy’s heart was pounding but she followed her brother

up the steps, holding onto him for dear life.. Jonah open the door to the attic, it made a creaking

sound and Lucy jumped, Jonah just laughed and turned on the light. There was nothing there

except some boxes put there by there parents, they contained odds and ends. They went into each

room, even the rooms they had never been in before. The floors were a bit creaky, and they even

looked in the closets.

“See I told you there is not such thing as ghosts.” There was only one place they had not

investigated, the basement. The storm had worsened the wind was howling and Lucy could hear

the trees rustling against the house. “I don’t want to go down there”.

“Oh come on Lucy don’t be such a baby.” Lucy angrily said;

“Don’t call me a baby”.

“Then stop acting like one, are you afraid that a ghost is going to jump out and say BOO”!

Jonah took the flashlight out of the draw from the table that stood in the front hall.

He opened the door to the dark and musty smelling basement. The two of them decended the narrow

stairwell. Lucy was holding onto the back of Jonah’s shirt collar. “Let go of my collar, you’re

choking me”. Lucy reluctantly let go. When they reached the bottom of the steps it was pitch dark,

just then the thunder boomed and the basement lit up with the lightning strike that followed.

Lucy screamed and Jonah laughed, he flicked on the light switch. Unfortunately there was only one

light in the basement, and it was in the center of the room. It made the basement look eerie with

shadows everywhere. Jonah turned on the flashlight, just then another loud boom, thunder and

lightning. The lights in the house went out, and Lucy screamed again. Jonah laughe but this time it

was a nervous laugh. He was a little frightened this time.

“Jonah I hear something.”

“What do you hear”?

“It sounds like someone is scraping their feet as they walk. Listen can you hear it”? Jonah listened

for a minute. “Yes, I hear hear it”.

“Jonah lets go upstairs and call the police”. Lucy said in a shakey voice.

“No, it’s probably just the wind.” He answered.

“Inside the house”?

“Shut up Lucy and lets just look around a little”.

“Jonah, suppose the house is haunted, we could get killed down here.” Jonah took Lucy’s hand and

said; “Come on, I’m right here. I’ll hold your hand”. He took her hand and they slowly started to

walk toward the far end of the basement. They walked passed the furnace, their fathers

workbench, some furniture that was not being used.

The scratching noise could still be heard by both children. They got closer and closer to

the back wall. All of a sudden they heard a loud cracking sound, and it was not thunder. They

both jumped, and Lucy let out another scream, and grabbed Jonah. Jonah quickly moved

the light toward the sound his heart now pounding fast in his chest. Lucy was now shouting,

“Jonah lets get out of hear, someone is going to kill us”! As he cast the flashlight toward

the corner of the basement, there it was. A mouse had just been caught in a trap trying

to get a hunk of cheese. “There’s your ghost”, Jonah said with a laugh, relieved.

“How disgusting.” Lucy replied. They both starting laughing. The storm had lessoned and the

lights went back on in the house, including the one in the basement.

“Come on, lets go upstairs and get some cookies that mom baked, and a glass of milk”.

Lucy and Jonah did make friends at school and lived happily in that big old house for many years.



Getting Old is my story that has been chosen by C. A. Simonson to be included in her anthology book “A QUICK READ”. I am honored to be included among such wonderful authors.

  • By: Patricia Salamone     Alone I sit by my window. I watch the world now with little participation. Befuddled in my thoughts at times, I smile to myself at some distant memory. Cradled in my heart is my life’s story.

    Damn, why did I waste so much time being foolish? Envy took up a good part of it. Foolish choices made on the spur of a moment can turn out to cost you more than money. Gratitude was short lived as I climbed the mountain to success.  Humility was just a word on a sign posted on an old wooden board along the way. I paid little attention to it. Independence was my goal; I would never ask for help. How foolish….

    Junctions in my life were ignored as my ego grew.  Knowledge was what I craved; I knew it all, or so I thought.  Love came and I let it go; it required too much of me and would take me off my path. Money was my goal, lots of money would give me freedom from the poverty that dwelled in my heart and soul. Narcissism played the music I danced to.

    Often I would close myself up to kindness and humility as I had people to use and places to conquer. Passing through the doorways of life I never stopped to smell the flowers or feel the sunshine on my shoulders.

    Quietly and swiftly time marched on, and so did I. Roads lay before me: the choice was mine to pick and boldly I traveled the road to success, or so I thought. Success came and plenty of money lined my pockets; I could have the freedom I craved, I was happy, or was I?

    Time passes faster as we age; it stops for no one – I realized that one day when I looked in the mirror. Up, on top of the mountain finally, but as I looked around I was all alone. Virtual silence filled my world, no one to share my success with, no one to love, no children, only material success.

    What have I done and why didn’t I stop to read the signs along the way about love, laughter, help, humility, caring, sharing, and the many more were ignored. Exit is now the only sign I can see – a big sign I cannot ignore and I wonder what’s on the other side of it; I am frightened and alone.

    Yesterdays are gone, and although I thought I made all the right turns, there are no more choices.

    Zero is what I had coming into this world, zero is what I will leave with….


Adell doted on Peter after her husband passed away. She even stopped writing in her journal for some years. While Peter was still a child they spent part of the summer in the Scarsdale house. Peter liked the Villa in Milan, Italy the best. He had made friends there and looked forward to visiting them every summer. Adell kept the Manor House but never went there with her son.

Peter was like his father, very ambitious, and told his mother he wanted to study law. Adell didn’t take what he said to seriously until he was ready to go off to university, law was still his goal. Peter was accepted into Harvard University and he still wanted to become an attorney. Adell was left alone again. Oh, Peter came home every so often but between his schedule and his friends Adell didn’t see that much of him.

Adell decided now that Peter is attending university she was going to hire a private investigator to find David Addley. She hired Stephen Hart. He was recommended by a friend and was tops in his field.

Adell loved her son and her husband Peter but, David still remained in her heart. She was determined to find him.

The years were passing quickly and Peter was almost finished with law school. Adell was so proud of him for wanting to be independent. He knew he didn’t have to work and would always be taken care of but he loved the law and his mind was made up. His mother was planning a lavish graduation party for Peter. He still had to take the state bar exam but she knew he would pass with flying colors. He would be coming home to live for a while and she wanted everything to be perfect for his party.

Stephen would be coming for dinner that night, if he didn’t have any news she was going to tell him this would be the end of looking for David and so she did. She wrote in her journal for the last time that evening after Stephen left. It was time to concentrate on her son once more.

Peter called her the next day and told her he would be coming home for the weekend and he had a big surprise for her. Adell couldn’t wait for the weekend. She planned his favorite meal with the cook. It would be just the two of them again.

Friday arrived and she heard Peter’s car as he drove up the drive. As he entered the house she was taken aback, he had a beautiful young lady with him.

“Hello mother”, he said giving her a big hug.

“Hello Peter darling, it’s so good to have you home. You didn’t tell me you were bringing a guest with you”.

“I know, mother this is Lisa, Lisa this is my mother Adell. I want you to get to know Lisa mother because we are now engaged to be married”.

“That is a surprise Peter. When did this all happen”?

“The day I called you, I didn’t want to tell you over the telephone, I wanted to see the delight on your face when you heard the good news”.

“Well we will set another place at the table for your fiance and talk about the future. Welcome to the family Lisa, Peter has excellent taste. You are a beautiful young lady. I didn’t get your surname Lisa”

Peter proudly said; “Her surname is Addley soon to be Hardsworth”, with a big smile.



“Yes again. We met briefly in Bath last summer. You do know David Willis right”?

“Yes, I knew David Willis but he was really just an acquaintance”.

“We were chatting and you walked in the shop for coffee and stopped by the table”.

“Oh yes I remember. When I turned around after paying you were on your way out the door”.

“That’s right, you do remember”, and he smiled.

Adell and Peter chatter for a while. He invited her to have something to eat. It was mid afternoon and she hadn’t eaten anything all day so she accepted.

Over lunch he told her he was not married, was thirty five years old, and was a C.F.O. for a corporation based in Manhattan and had an apartment on East 65th. Street. It was not Sutton Place but it was a nice area. Peter was born in Philadelphia but graduated Columbia University and never left New York. He loved living in the city. “There is no place like Manhattan”, he said to Adell. He knew of her parents and how they passed away and told her he was truly sorry when he heard the news.

“You mean to tell me you knew who I was when you met me in Bath”?

“Yes I did” was his reply. “I knew your name was not Carol but it was none of my business why you were trying to be incognito so I didn’t say anything. Your hair was a slightly different color but I knew it was you”.

“You didn’t tell Willis”?

“No, It wasn’t my place to tell him”.

“Thank you for that”, she smiled, for the first time in weeks. You seem to know all about me so there’s no need to say anything”.

“I don’t know everything but I would like to”, he teased her.

It was getting dark and Adell told Peter she should be heading home. He insisted on accompanying her home so they grabbed a cab. When they arrived at her building he asked if she would like him to walk her to her apartment. She thanked him but said she would be fine.

“Would you have dinner with me on Saturday evening”?

“I think I would like that Peter, thank you”.

“Eight o’clock good for you”?

“Yes, that would be fine”. She answered.

“May I have your telephone number Adell”?

“Oh, yes of course”. She gave him her number and he jotted it down on a piece of paper.

“See you Saturday then”, she said as she exited the cab.

“I look forward to it”, Peter said. He watched her as she entered the building.

Every night Adell would write in her journal. She was not over David Addley and embellished her stories. She wanted him to be jealous when he read the journal. She was sure he would be back. She still loved him.

Adell and Peter dated steadily over the next year. She felt comfortable with Peter. He treated her well and made her laugh. She knew he was falling in love with her and she cared for him but David still owned her heart.

Peter introduced her to his friends and his sister Kathleen, who was married and lived in Philadelphia with her husband Mark and their two daughters. His parents had passed. He did have an aunt but she lived in a nursing home for the elderly. Adell never went with him to visit her.

Peter proposed to Adell the second Christmas after they met. Adell aceppted. They had a small but elegant wedding at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and honeymooned in Bali. Peter sold his apartment and moved in with Adell. Every night she would write in the journal David gave her. Peter asked her once what she was writing but she was vague about it. He asked if he could read her stories but she told him it was personal and made him promise never to read it. He promised.

Adell asked Peter to leave his job, there was no need for him to work. They could travel see the world together, but he liked working and felt it gave him independence. She didn’t insist but wasn’t happy about it.

He wanted a big family and Adell agreed. When they were married for about a year she became pregnant. They were both elated. She gave birth to a baby boy. Peter Roland Hardsworth became Adell’s world. It was the only child they had. They tried to have more children but after a few miscarriages Adell didn’t want to try any more. Peter was disappointed but understood.

When young Peter was ten years old his father died of Cancer. Adell was left alone again but now she had a son to raise alone.



The summer was fast drawing to a close. David Addely would be leaving Welton Manor and Carol would be heading back to the U.S. and her life as Adell Woldum. She decided to tell David the truth about herself hoping it wouldn’t drive him away.

Carol did tell David who she really was as they lay close together in his bed a few days before she would be leaving. She also explained why. He told her he was not upset and loved her. He also said he would go to New York with her. It was the happiest she’d been in a long time.

Adell said goodbye to Peg, Lizzy and Thomas and handed them each an envelope as she left. She would stop by Welton Manor and pick up David and together they would fly to New York and stay at her apartment in Manhattan. He explained that he was an entrepreneur and could conduct his business from any where.

Adells adventure resulted in her finding the love of her life. David treated her with loving attention and she showered him with love and gifts. Finally she found a man that loved her for who she was, not what she had. She was sure he would ask her to marry him soon and knew she would accept.

One November afternoon he gave her a gift it was a leather bound journal. He told her to write about her life and all her thoughts. When it was complete he wanted to read it.

“That will take forever David”.

“I know darling but we have forever, don’t we”?

“Yes, of course love”, and so she began writing. Each day she would write something in the journal.

Just before Thanksgiving Adell wanted to go shopping. David told her he was a bit tired and didn’t feel up to it. She was going to stay home but he insisted that she go on without him and buy something pretty to wear for the holiday. They were going to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Waldorf Astoria.

Adell kissed David and told him she would be back in a few hours. When she returned David was gone, and so were his belongings. Adell couldn’t believe it. He did not even leave a note. She cried for weeks and almost had a nervous breakdown.

“How could I be so stupid”! She screamed at herself in the mirror. She would find him if it was the last thing she did.

The Holiday’s past and spring started to bloom in all it’s glory. Adell decided to take a walk in Central Park. She was sitting on a bench feeding the pigeons. A man approached her and asked if she would mind if he shared the bench with her. She told him she wouldn’t so he sat down. She was so lonely and he had a soothing voice. He introduced himself; “My name is Peter, Peter Hardsworth”.


“Hello Mr. Hardsworth my name is Adell Woldum”.

“I know your name Miss Woldum but it’s nice to meet you again”.

“Again”? Adell asked.