The mystery ship.

A beautifully written story of a ship that actually had a heart and a soul.

Lucky Otters Haven


Credit: Unknown photographer.  This haunting photo is very similar the way the old battleship appeared to me as a child.

I have a vivid memory of myself as a mosquito-bitten, golden-tanned and skinny little girl of seven and eight years old happily playing and exploring on the the tidal flats of  East Brewster, along Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts, where my parents had rented a vacation beach cottage for two weeks during two consecutive summers in the late 1960s.

The sandbars and  network of warm tidal pools and rivulets left behind by the retreating tide stretched far, far into the distance–so far that the deeper water where the sand was never exposed was only a thin royal blue line against the horizon and sometimes was not visible at all  (I read recently that the Brewster tidal flats actually can extend up to two miles at low tide).

I played out…

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The Ultimate Guide to Self-love Part 2 / Stepping out of the illusion

Betcha Didn't Know!

Greetings! I want to now talk to You about stepping outside of the illusion. Yes, it’s true. We are surrounded by illusion. When we watch television, read magazines, and follow celebrities, we are constantly reminded of our imperfections. We are constantly told that we aren’t pretty, handsome, loved, skinny, or rich enough. The mainstream media was designed to arouse emotions and cause conflict within yourself. Why? Because if they arouse your insecurities, they will be able to sell you products way easier! So, they have to dig out your insecurities, or create new ones for you to fall victim to. They will drag you into thire world of Illusion where they tell you that you  have to “fit in”! If you don’t, you’ll be the reject of society. They’ll say, ” Haven’t you heard? Everyone that is successful and loved is skinny, perfectly curvy, and have perfect hair, skin and…

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Posts from Your Archives – 7 Tips on How to Sleuth out Email Solicitor Requests by D.G.Kaye

More great news. ☺☺☺

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Delighted to welcome Debby Gies, author D.G. Kaye with another link from her archives.

And if you would like to participate in this series you can find out how at the end of the posts.

7 Tips on How to Sleuth out Email Solicitor Requests by D.G. Kaye

I’ve noticed in these past 6 months as I began my author guest post series and after being invited to other writer’s blogs to guest appear that my website had garnered a lot more attention. This has been great, but like everything else in this world of technology, when more people become aware of our blogs, we also tend to attract more attention from spammers and/or people requesting to be on our blogs.

In the past few months I’ve been receiving at least 5 emails a week from people I’ve never heard of, but claim, ‘they love my website” and would…

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Talk about scary, this will do it.


“My Shadow”

The shadow hounded me Halloween day 
Glimpsed in farthest corners of my eyes 
Each time I turned, it slipped away 
Wherever Shadows run to hide 

It took not shape, nor any form, 
At least from what I briefly spied 
It seemed a darkly presence at my back 
I hurried home and ran inside 
Would its blackness fade with sunlight’s lack? 

No, it hovers just beyond my view 
In darkness shows its wicked might 
Taught me terrors I never knew 
I reached quickly for some light 

Each click, each lamp, 
brought no flare, no brightness 
To overcome  the dark 
Which made the Shadow aware 
That I could feel its evil mark 

Do I deserve this dreaded fate? 
My sins crossed o’er my mind and soul 
Must I now pay the devil’s…

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An interview

Meet Daniel Kemp, the author extraordinaire.

The words of Danny Kemp.

Writer of paranormal and fantasy.

Author Interview with Daniel Kemp

Daniel Kemp

Author Interview with Daniel Kemp

Hi Danny. Thanks for taking time to visit my blog. You’re a new author to Creativia, so I’m gonna to be nosey.  Smile 

Who is — Daniel Kemp?  What inspired you to start writing?

I had a car accident in 2006, not my fault, that put me out of effective work for four years, that’s when I started. I wrote a story, sent a synopsis with the first three chapters to about one hundred literary agents, sat back and waited for the phone to ring. It didn’t, until— one did ring. He sent those chapters off to the top fifteen agencies in the world, but, surprisingly, (English humor) nobody wanted it. He said write another one. I did!

That book; The…

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Thistledown — Midsummer Bedlam 11

All beautiful, but I absolutely love, love, love the Humming Birds.

Teagan's Books

Magical Town CrickadoonThe Magical Town of Crickadoon, Janet Weight Reed

Friday, September 22, 2017

Today I’m excited (oh, let’s be honest — I’m positively giddy) to collaborate with and feature one of my blogging she-roes.  Please welcome artist Janet Weight Reed.  Her love of color and sense of whimsy equals my own.  Janet’s talent and imagination leaves mine sitting in the dust. There are surely faeries in her magical town of Crickadoon.

Some of her magical hummingbirds have made their way to Thistledown for this episode.  (This post shows a beautiful collection of Janet’s hummingbirds click here.  If you want some of your very own, click here for her Zazzle store.)

Writing Process

Fallow Blackmoon, a faery from the colorless world (or the scary faery-verse), made an entrance that was hard to follow.  My pantser pants were not flying me anywhere — by the seat or otherwise.  Then…

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Blog I Recommend: The Writers Desk! (The Italian Thing Blog)

I am humbly honored. ☺☺

Betcha Didn't Know!

Greetings! Today’s recommendation is  The Writers Desk! From:

I like her blog because she has multiple short stories that I enjoy! If you like suspension and mystery, you don’t want to miss out on these good reads. Her stories are the kind that inspire you to grab a beverage, and snuggle up and read!  She also has post about herself too, so you can learn more about her. But, wait, that’s not all! Her blog gets even better; she also does a lot of reblogs! She provides a directory of other blog posts you might enjoy! So hurry and stop on by, you have a lot of stories to catch up on! 😀

Post I like👇

Betcha didn’t know!😀

I do not own photo

Photo is the property of👇

Copyright©2017 Betcha didn’t know! All rights reserved.

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Ten Authors and Artists Share Their Inspiration

A Teacher's Reflections

There I was, listening to the best children’s book authors and illustrators at the Eric Carle Museum of picture Book Art, talking about what inspired them.  I couldn’t write fast enough (yes, I took a flurry of notes) or listen hard enough.  I strained my ears so I wouldn’t miss a word.  And, there were so many words and ideas spoken.  I wonder if the artists realize that while they shared their stories of inspiration, they were also inspiring their audience.  Me!

When I read a book aloud, I tell children in my class, “The words go into your ears, then into your brain and straight to your heart.”  Now, the tables were turned; I was the listener and that’s exactly what happened to me.  Here are some of those words:

Mo Willems:
“When I was a Cub Scout, the King Tut exhibit was at a museum…

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