Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – 21st April 2017 – Neysa Sanghavi visits Rawanda, Damon Ashworth Psychology and Victory Mums.

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily

Welcome to the last of the Blogger Dailys this week and I thought I would introduce you to some of the new bloggers that I have connected with this week.

The first is 16 year old Neysa Sanghavi  who took the initiative to visit Rawanda, to see for herself how this country, that has been the subject of public attention, films and books because of its horrific civil war and genocide, is now faring. A very interesting and informative post.

My first encounter with Humanity – It was six month ago when I first visited Rwanda.

When I took the challenge to visit Rwanda and meeting survivors of genocide I wasn’t very much aware of the fact that this would turn out to be my first encounter with Humanity. My thoughts were running around my friends and other people telling me to remain safe. Violent and Under developed was tagged…

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The Colour of Life – The Snipe Shoot – 1939 by Geoff Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

The Snipe Shoot – 1939

Jim Skids was one of the “characters” of his village. He was of indeterminate age, wore a flat cap, a threadbare gabardine coat and hob-nailed boots. He was professionally unemployed, by which I mean that he was never known to willingly do a day’s work. He was a known poacher, of trout, salmon and any kind of game you care to mention. An expert with dogs and ferrets he knew every rabbit-run, every pheasant roost in the parish and if put to the test could probably tell you exactly the whereabouts of the local gamekeeper at any time of the day. In consequence of all this knowledge he had quite a reputation as a guide and ghillie and part of his scant income came from taking shooting parties out for a day’s sport on the bogs and stubble fields in the area.

Skids was quite…

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Sally’s Cafe and bookstore Author Update – Toni Pike, Jaye Marie and Christy Birmingham

Great choices today as usual. Thank you, Sally. ☺☺

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Welcome to the Friday Cafe and Bookstore update where authors on the shelves can share new releases, fantastic reviews and offers on their books. Whilst I do make every effort to check all the authors in the bookstore every few weeks, it is very helpful if you drop me a line to

Just a reminder about some of the benefits of being in the bookstore.

You can enjoy regular updates that puts your work in front of my 26,000+ contacts here and on social media. Most of whom are authors themselves, but more importantly readers of books. You also belong to a growing community of supportive writers who are happy to share across their own networks.

For example. The average Cafe Update receives on average 40 to 50 retweets over the course of a week. Most authors that follow me have between 5,000 – 15,000+ followers of…

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Tales of Ejoma (Dual Realms Book One) by Paige Addams

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Welcome to author Paige Addams and her recently released paranormal romance Tales of Ejoma (Dual Realms Book 1)

About Tales of Ejoma (Dual Realms Book One)

Ejoma and Thavos are immortal and human realms, held separate from one another by a magical barrier. Ejoma is a world of magic, danger, and beauty that humans have long forgotten exists. The shimana can change their shape or bend the elements to their will, and have filled their countless years with learning. Thavos is a world of science and machines. Always striving to invent new things and understand the world around them, humans became strong.

Balance has been maintained between the two realms for millennia, for the safety of immortals and humans alike. But a deadly enemy is growing steadily more powerful with dark magic. Soon, neither realm will be safe.

This series of novellas and short stories will introduce you to:


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A wonderful place to meet bloggers and read great stories.

Haddon Musings



We have walked our paths a long time and have a lot to offer. Come and reveal your artistic vision.

The SENIOR SALONis dedicated to showcasing the talents of the post 9 to 5 generation. The generation who finally has time to get in touch with the right side of their brain.  The SENIOR SALON features art, music, writing, poetry, photography, creative cooking, creative fashion, and anything else that you can dream up.   Allow YOUR muse to guide you into a new creative endeavor or enhance an existing creative endeavor.

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The little girl who loved dolls

Robbie's inspiration


The story of the missing Jack

When I was a little girl of nearly four years old, my sister, Catherine, was born. Catherine was born six weeks early which meant that when my Mom came home from the hospital after the birth, she didn’t bring my new baby sister with her. Catherine had to go into the neonatal ward with all the other premature babies. She was so small that she could fit into my Dad’s hand. I was not able to visit my sister as the hospital was very strict about visitors and little girls of four years old carried germs. My Mom did tell me about her though and one of the things she said was that Catherine had a needle into her head to feed her. The needle looked giant inserted into my little sister’s tiny head.

In anticipation of the new baby’s birth, my English Nana…

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Charley’s Tale Part 6


With Cora to champion her and her brothers for company, Charley thrived..  Her father is pleased to see his daughter is smart and active.  When Ellen has been gone a month, he called her.  “Ellen, you need to come home.  Your children need you.  I need you.”

“Oh Charles, I don’t feel well enough yet.  I have been taking the hot baths daily and am just starting to put a little of the weight back on I lost when my nerves were so bad.  The doctor here thinks I would benefit from a longer rest.  He told me today I should plan on another six weeks.  I was going to call tomorrow and let you know.”  Ellen had a tremor in her voice as she bargained for more time.  She hadn’t even asked after the children.

“I am sure that doctor’s pocket would benefit if you stayed.  Ellen, I am…

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The Colour of Life – James the Landlord – 1939 by Geoff Cronin

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My father-in-law’s memoirs continues with this story from 1939 about his home in Woodstown, Waterford.

When I lived in Woodstown in the 1930s our house was on the edge of a sandy beach which stretched for half a mile in either direction and our landlord, James, lived in the cottage next door.

James was a lean, old, guy in his late eighties. He had a full head of curly hair, a square foxy beard and spent a lot of his days chopping firewood from a huge stock of logs in his front yard. In his young days James had been a stone mason and his wife had been the cook in the “big house” which now stood deserted on the wooded estate nearby.

There was an eight foot high storm wall which ran the length of our house – and the cottage next door. This protected both properties from the…

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